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Residential Window Cleaning:

  • Interior & exterior

  • 1,2,3 & 4 floors

  • Single family homes & condos

  • We clean sills, window screens & slider tracks

  • We protect the interior of your home, all employees wear booties & use drop cloths.


We have just introduced a NEW state of the art equipment to improve the quality of our service which allows us to be more versatile. A reverse osmosis ionized "Water Fed Pole" allows us to clean the windows with pure water. absolutely no minerals are left in the water, thus leaving a perfect clean window. See pictures below:


Commercial Window Cleaning:

  • Storefronts, malls, car dealerships, office buildings (1,2,3 & 4 stories)

  • Interior & exterior

  • We are now able to clean windows on 4 stories up buildings with our "Water Fed Pole" system.This work would have previously required the use of 40ft. ladders to reach 3rd & 4th floors, but now this risky task can be achieved without the use of high ladders.

  • We specialize in high quiality wood refinishing, spray finishing, painting, staining and lacquer work of solid wood and veneered surfaces.


  • We offer a full color match service in high quality paints in all Dulux, Farrow and Ball, Ralph Lauren, Sikkens and other paint libraries.


  • We work for Designers, Architects, Woodworkers, Manufacturers and High End Professionals.


  • Colors can be matched to most paint references or visual samples.


  • We will provide prompt fixed quotations.


  • We always work to meet our clients’ deadlines.


  • We provide competitive tendering for large and small contracts.








  • Bernard’s provides expert pressure washing services and building cleaning to Naples and the surrounded areas, cleaning just about any exterior hard surface for domestic and commercial clients.  

  • We use water at variable pressure to effortlessly jet wash grime, moss and algae and pollution residue from external surfaces.     

  • We welcome both domestic and commercial clients and are happy to work on any size project or building, from the smallest patio cleaning to the largest commercial clean. 

  • Our water pressure washing methods are highly efficient and provide a deep clean, transforming the appearance of your exterior surroundings or building.  You will be amazed with the difference of getting rid of exterior grime can make to the look and feel of your property, large or small.  Living in South West Florida, we become used to being surrounded by the dark colors of mildew, grime and algae. Building cleaning of stone, brick, paving and even concrete exposes more attractive colors, brightening up your property. 

  • Once the cleaning is complete we can treat surfaces with specialty building products such as masonry sealant, non-slip coating, algae control and more.

  • Algaecide is a biodegradable zinc based product which is applied to the roof tile to prevent growth of mold or mildew. It replaces the need of using chlorine. Chlorine is great at removing the mold and killing the mold spores but it has many drawbacks.


  • If your roof is in need of power washing, we can determine if we can go directly to the algaecide application and bypass the need of chlorination and power washing. Presure washing may be required but we can bypass the need of chlorination should you decide to have the algaecide application done.


  • Algaecide applications are considered a maintenance item and subsequent applications must be done every 12 months on a colored roof and every 6 months on a white roof. It is also an essential product for shingle and flat roofs, preventing mold build up.


  • PROS of algaecide application maintenance program:

     Completely biodegradable product

     Will not harm grass, plants or animals

     No more roof power washing

     Roof will remain clean all year 

     No more use of chlorine which is corrosive           and       damage plants

     Life of tile will be extended

     You will be contacted yearly to schedule.


  • Warranty:

     Scheduled visual inspections halfway through       the 12 month cycle are included. Should be         there  any sign of mildew starting to show,           we will clean the area and respray with                 algaecide at no cost to the homeowner.

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